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Breaking down the barriers for money transfers in Africa, a part of Mukuru's dev department sits in HUB387.

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Experience Work & Travel

Experience is the leader of educational and cultural programs precisely because we are a team of people with experience and positive energy.

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IEHSoftLabs Ltd. is a part of the IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group family of companies that employ over 2,000 people worldwide. The primary goal of SoftLabs is to act as an in-house software development solution for our partners and clients.

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bloola integrates vast array of workplace apps into a single suite that simplifies collaboration and boosts employee and enterprise productivity

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H&M d.o.o.

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (publ) was founded in Sweden in 1947 and is quoted on Nasdaq Stockholm. H&M’s business idea is to offer fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way.

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Reynaers Aluminium

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walls, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories.

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Consalta d.o.o.

A business consulting agency with a focus on information security, business continuity, and process improvements through implementation of various international and industry standards and frameworks.

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The Stockholm Environment Institute, or SEI, is a non-profit, independent research and policy institute specialising in sustainable development and environmental issues.

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Oryx grupa BH d.o.o.

ORYX Assistance is a part of Zubak Grupa, a corporation with 40 years of sales representation and service of Volkswagen brands, and vast roadside, seaside and home assistance services.

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Lidl BH d.o.o.

Lidl is a German international discount retailer chain that operates over 12,000 stores across Europe and the United States.

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World Wide Travel

A travel agency that also offers solutions in the sphere of marketing and business organization.

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A real estate development company, working on projects in Retail, Family Residential and Mixed-Use in B&H.

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Genome 4Life

Genome4life is the official partner of BioRep laboratory for NATIVA prenatal tests.

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Digital marketing agency specialized for SEO, Web design, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing.

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Balkan American Wellness Alliance

Balkan American desires to partner with young non-profit leaders to help see their visions come to fruition.

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Goldenscreen Studio d.o.o.

Creative studio that can help you with photography, videography, graphic design, and advertisements.

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Swiss Entrepeneurship Programme

Swiss EP strengthens emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems to create a thriving, sustainable world.

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Partneria d.o.o.

A company striving to provide the best consultancy and support in developing public and private institutions.

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Adriatic Appraisal d.o.o.

Adriatic Appraisal is an international real estate consultancy specialising in Southeast Europe (SEE). We are offering a wide range of innovative professional real estate services, mobilizing our locally-based teams and international know-how.

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Qlity d.o.o.

Qlity is a new approach to everyday organizing and functioning in professional and private surroundings. is one of their new brands.

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Gamayun d.o.o.

A company dedicated to providing the best software solutions to its clients.


Providing software solutions for many years.

Auto Group NEDI d.o.o.

Company that imports used cars exclusivly bought from Volkswagen Leasing in Germany. Stands for great quality and fantastic prices. We provide personilized orders, collecting all you wishes and finding the best car for you.

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Simplify d.o.o. owner, Sasa Jovanic is a freelance consultant and software developer who has 20 years of experience. So to get the best consulting, contact us.

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VOC - Solutions d.o.o.

Our mission is to supply high quality services in software development, architecture planning, integration services and consulting.

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DiaLine d.o.o.

A company dedicated to supporting the diabetes treatment and complications with carefully selected natural supplement products.

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Bosnian Advocacy Center - Bosanski lobistički centar

BAC is an independent NGO that advocates for a free, sovereign, democratic and secular Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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For over 15 years, SurveyHealthcareGlobus has been a leader in healthcare market research, specializing in online survey data collection services that include quantitative and qualitative healthcare research, panel recruitment, programming and fieldwork management.

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Calo partners

Provide end to end web application development services.

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A startup with the first B&H online educational platform, Bookvar is the place to get and share skills online.

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Premium grade freelancing platform built for startups and visionary enterpreneurs.

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Bloom d.o.o.

A B2B company managing specialized business units that operate globally under own brand. Our units are independent launchpads for companies on their journey to successful commercialization in different industries.

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ÖSD - Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch

Internationally recognised language test provider promoting German as a Foreign and Second Language

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Aškorp d.o.o.

ADIMO d.o.o.

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Isaac code d.o.o.

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Veterans for health and welfare for world prosperity

Softweare d.o.o.

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071 komunikacije d.o.o.

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Collective Aid

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FIT d.o.o.

Pine wood d.o.o.

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GlovoApp d.o.o.

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Belvoo d.o.o.

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Goldenscreen Studio d.o.o.

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SaaS Solutions d.o.o.

We are an IT company providing strategic IT business solutions and services for complex business problems, in multiple industry sectors including retail, healthcare, finance, education, and more.

BayBHWD d.o.o.

Company for develpment of energy efficient windows and fire resistant windows

Yoostone d.o.o.

Disam BH d.o.o.

Funnelblick d.o.o.

Argelik o.d.

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Oblique d.o.o.

Design and development software agency. We enhance businesses by creating experiences people love.

Inceptional d.o.o.

Najbolja firma d.o.o.

next Partners - sljedeći partneri d.o.o.

EMDV d.o.o.

Typeqast d.o.o.

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MiniMax Euro d.o.o.

Capitulum d.o.o.

Pontem d.o.o.

InsOut d.o.o.

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HTEC d.o.o.

The HTEC Group is a technology consulting and development company headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with regional offices in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, the UK, and the Balkans (Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and North Macedonia).

Construct Invest d.o.o.

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Cube Design d.o.o.

CUBE design is Sarajevo based architecture and design studio, established in 2014.

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Own d.o.o.

Studio 1 d.o.o.

Medigo d.o.o.

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Asocijacija za internet trgovinu eComm u BiH (Asocijacija eComm)

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Unija Smart Accounting

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Visa International BH d.o.o.

Disam BH d.o.o.

About us

HUB387 is an IT park and coworking space in the heart of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We provide office spaces and support for ambitious professionals, allowing them to work together in an inspiring and supportive community.